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Pacific Miniatures (Pacmin) airplane models are known for their quality and detail. Traditionally used exclusively by travel agencies and in executive offices, these scale models have found a new appreciation by collectors and aviation enthusiasts.

Pacmin models are made of resin and carefully painted or decaled to exact airline specifications. Manufacturer (non-airline) paint schemes are also available for both Boeing and Airbus airplane models. A range of scales is available, including: 1/200, 1/144, 1/100, 1/72, 1/64, and the very large 1/50. The most popular size is 1/100 scale. At this scale, models for the Boeing 747 and 777-300 are over 21 inches long; a mighty and impressive display! Expect to pay $100-$500 for a 1/100 model, depending on the airplane and airline. Once you see one of these models up close, you'll agree that the price is well worth it.

Pacmin models should not be confused with the low-cost Philippine hand-carved mahogany models. They are made of high quality resin, which ensures a precise and accurate shape: Hand carved wood does not have the same level of detail. As an example, compare this Boeing 747 Air Force One model made by Pacific Miniatures to this carved mahogany model.

There are several sources to obtain Pacmin models. Some airlines sell directly to the public. Some models are created by Boeing as part of a sales pitch. Often these models become available on eBay. This website aims to capture the excitement of collecting Pacmin models and make available the various sources for acquiring these fine models. Thank you for visiting.


Pacific Miniatures - Corporate website and eBay Store

My Pacmin airplane models

Northwest Cargo 747 Pacmin model

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Craigslist - You can sometimes find Pacmin models for sale on craigslist

eBay - Still the best source for Pacmin models

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